Info About Ads

You can easily buy an ad through our secure checkout with PayPal or a credit card. The purchase process is like a standard product purchase on an Internet shopping website. Go to our  Purchase an Ad  page. That page shows different advertising options for each city calendar and for the Home Page. After checkout, we’ll contact you via email to request an image for your ad. That’s it!

We currently offer six types of advertising options: two poster ads covering the home page; then two ad sizes on each high-use calendar page (Ashland, Medford, Rogue Valley) sidebar, and two ad sizes on each moderate-use calendar page (Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Talent/Phoenix) sidebar.

Monthly advertising rates are:

Ad options


Two poster ad types on the home page.

Home Page Poster 1


Scrolling from Poster Demo 1 down to Poster Demo 2

The difference between the two above is that the first one is the first image that users see when they land on the home page, and it covers the whole page until they scroll down. That one costs a little more. Then once users scroll down (scrolling demonstrated in the image just above), each image after the first one will also cover the entire page but not until they scroll the “curtain” down to it, so those cost a little less.


Two ad sizes on individual calendar pages (such as this Ashland Live Music calendar page).

Ashland Pages of Ads



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