11 April 2017 9:33 PM

Post Your Events (Click Here for Instructions)

Welcome! Here’s how you post your music event. (Most non-music events will get removed). First choose one or more of these calendar pages to post it on: http://theroguescene.com/rogue-valley-live-music/ http://theroguescene.com/ashland-live-music/ http://theroguescene.com/medford-live-music/ http://theroguescene.com/jacksonville-oregon-music/ http://theroguescene.com/grants-pass-live-music/ http://theroguescene.com/talent-phoenix-live-music/   …and then:   Click “Add Event” above the calendar. Enter an event title. Choose a “From” […]

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9 April 2017 7:08 PM

All Right, We’re Back Online, Gang…

Hello Everyone, We have loaded a bunch of select events on calendars, so this site has come back to life for this summer and hopefully well beyond. There’s some big news: Now anyone can post events on the site. Go to any music calendar and click “Add Event”!   ~Rogue

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1 June 2016 12:11 AM

The Rogue Scene Feature

Welcome to The Rogue Scene. This site covers Rogue Valley live music, broken out into 6 regions: All Rogue Valley Live Music combined on one page Ashland Live Music Medford Live Music Grants Pass Live Music Jacksonville Live Music Talent/Phoenix Live Music The main feature of every page is the […]

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