1 June 2016 12:11 AM

The Rogue Scene

Welcome to The Rogue Scene. This site covers Rogue Valley live music, broken out into 6 regions:

  1. All Rogue Valley Live Music combined on one page
  2. Ashland Live Music
  3. Medford Live Music
  4. Grants Pass Live Music
  5. Jacksonville Live Music
  6. Talent/Phoenix Live Music

The main feature of every page is the daily calendar of live music events followed by a monthly calendar of live music events for that city or region.

The Ashland and Rogue Valley pages open to a “Day” view showing music just for today – that’s because they both fill up pretty full. You can switch view on top by clicking “4 Days” or “Week” or “Month.” Other pages open to the “4 Days” view, but the Talent/Phoenix page opens to “Week” view. You can change the view on any of these pages.

Down below on each page it opens to “Month” view for the full month calendar, and that can also be switched to “Posterboard” view which shows all events for the month on a posterboard layout, but without the times included. So play around, find which views you love. Hey, there are lots of ways for you to check out the Rogue scene to find the coolest Rogue Valley events and catch a lot of great live music.

Also, there is a page of Open Mics & Jam Sessions and a page of Rogue Valley Music News which is sporadically updated for now. Site activity is growing weekly. Some modest ad revenues will be needed before we can grow the site further and start to offer Weekly Picks again, and add many other feature ideas that we have. This site has already has a steady following so it’s a great place to get your club or band or business more exposure – so please consider one of our affordable options for advertising.

We would sure love to get very ambitious and build this site out with a lot of creative offerings for the local music community and music fans, but as basically a volunteer site now, we’re just doing our best to keep the calendars up. Advertising here gets you local exposure among a lively audience of music lovers – both active visitors and community members out on the town(s). The support also helps us build a highly engaged music community via the Web. We’re biased, but… we think that’s a win-win.

Viva la Rogue musica!


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