11 April 2017 9:33 PM

Post Your Events (Click Here for Instructions)

Welcome! Here’s how you post your music event.

(Most non-music events will get removed).

First choose one or more of these calendar pages to post it on:








…and then:


  1. Click “Add Event” above the calendar.
  2. Enter an event title.
  3. Choose a “From” date and time.
  4. Choose a “To” date and time.
  5. Enter a description if you want to.
  6. Click “Location” above and choose a venue.
  7. [Optional: You can add other stuff like an event webpage or a video URL.]
  8. [Optional if you want to see the events that you have posted: Click Organizer tab and become one]
  9. Click “Save Changes” below – IMPORTANT.


To see your event, you have to refresh the page.

To see all of the events that you posted, go to the top menu and click under “Post Events,” click “Your Events.”

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