15 April 2016 2:48 PM

The Wild Goose Cafe (Ashland)

The Wild Goose Ashland is where a core group of regular locals hang out and catch poetry slams, karaoke, play pool, and take in a wide range of live music. The Wild Goose is a relatively small dive bar attached to a semi-retro diner on the Southeast end of Ashland near Highway 5 Exit 14. It's been around roughly forever as an Ashland staple.

As for the live music at The Wild Goose, you can catch solo piano virtuoso Jim Quinby pretty regularly along with a numerous singer songwriters, plus a wide range of bands. Bands' musical styles lean mostly towards singer-songwriter folk, country, and rock. They toss in jam bands and honky tonk, blues, jazz, funk, soul and so on at The Wild Goose, affectionately referred to in Ashland as 'The Goose'.

In the summers, The Wild Goose has some kind of music roughly every other day, so they keep the place alive with real humans playing a good mix of music. Check out The Wild Goose and support your local musicians in Ashland - not that they are all from Ashland, but most of the bands hosted there do seem to be local to the Rogue Valley.

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